Strategic Publication Planning

We develop a customized publication plan for timely dissemination of publications to support your key messages at the appropriate stages of the product life-cycle. Our reports provide a systematic approach to building an evidence base for a product. Report contents can include:

  • Literature reviews and analysis
  • Key factors underlying competitor product success
  • Publication strategies followed by competitors
  • Endpoints, analyses, populations of interest
  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
  • Gaps in the knowledge and unmet clinical needs

Our reports can be used to inform clinical decisions, as well as future trial design, including pre-specified sub-analyses and patient recruitment plans. Our reports are tailored to your needs so get in touch to discuss report scope and depth.

Working time: 1530 days once project scope and inclusion/exclusion criteria are established (excluding client review time)

Manuscript Development

Starting from a clinical study report, data tables and/or notes, we develop a high quality manuscript for publication. Our process includes in-house expert review and journal recommendation reports, therapeutic area expert review, five rounds of client review at key steps, journal submission documentation, and post-peer review response and revisions.

  • Original articles (at all stages of drug development)
  • Clinical trial reports
  • Studies with negative results
  • Medical device studies
  • Reviews
  • Encore articles

Get in touch for a project team, plan and quote.

Working time: 2225 days (excluding client review time)

Special Reports

Our writing team can produce conference reports, article summaries and therapeutic area updates. Our process involves two rounds of client review.

  • In-company reports
  • Therapeutic area reports
  • Landscape reports
  • Congress/conference reports

Working time: 712 days depending on project scope

Conference Content Development

Starting from a clinical study report, data tables and/or notes, we develop a slide show for an oral presentation and/or a poster at a targeted conference. Detailed notes for the speaker are also included. Our process includes two rounds of client review.

  • Abstracts
  • Posters
  • Presentation slide sets with speaker notes

Working time: 10 days (excluding client review time)

Round Table/KOL Discussion Reports

Starting from a transcript and video of your KOL discussion, we can produce an accurate and engaging report for dissemination to a wider audience.

  • Round table discussions
  • Meeting reports
  • Presentation summary and reports

Working time: 710 days

Language Editing

We also offer expert editing of:

  • Clinical study reports
  • Clinical study protocols
  • Regulatory documents
  • Web content

Working time: 34 days